2011 ADC Holiday Card

We really enjoy the challenge of designing clever holiday cards for our clients.  Our way of expressing a little gratitude for allowing our creative collaborations throughout the year.  Last year we collaborated with a brilliant cartoonist who captured our team in the following image for our card.

2010 Holiday Card

In December 2011, ADC became an authorized re-seller for 3D Systems and their 3D printers.  We decided to venture into the 3 Dimensional world this year with our holiday card and this blog post shows the process in which we used to create our card.

First, we took a company picture outside of our building.

Step #1 Select a photo!

Next, using Geomagic Studio Software we took a negative of the photo and embossed it on a Polygon Surface to create a model of the picture.

Step #2 Negative of Picture Embossed on Polygon Surface

Then, we made a picture frame in Pro-Engineer and combined the two to create the final product.

Step #3 Combining Pro-E Frame and Polygon Picture

The picture below is the final result in Geomagic Studio that we loaded onto the 3D Printer.

Step #4 Load finished files into the 3D Printer

Next we printed the card on our 3D Systems Pro-Jet Printer.

Step #5 Print the Holiday Card on the 3D Printer

Finally if you hold the Holiday Card up to a light source to see the magic of this process.

Step #6 Hold the Holiday Card up to the light

Interested in ordering a custom 3D print of your own photo? Inquire with Debbie Schaefer at:


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Prices start at just $10.