Why Choose Advanced Design Concepts (ADC)?

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           Sound engineering is the key to a successful product.  At Advanced Design Concepts (ADC) we have a team of experienced engineers with proven success in a wide variety of markets.  We have supported several entrepreneurs to transform their ideas to manufacturable products.  Industry leaders and Fortune 500 companies entrust ADC to provide engineering solutions for their design challenges.  

          ADC can bring your idea from concept to production quickly and effectively, or simply assist with one aspect of the product development process (all under one roof). Many steps go into a successful product, and at ADC we design with manufacturing in mind from the start.        

          Our team of engineers, designers, CNC programmers and machinists collaborate to provide a full range of rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, first-run machine services and plastic injection molding including: 

  • Engineering design and refinement: concept through manufacturing
  • Rapid prototyping-CNC machining, plastic injection molding, silicon rubber molds, glass cloth and carbon fiber layup and vacuum forming
  • Reverse engineering services, first article inspection, and mold verification services.
  • Tool design and tool path output

ADC aspires to respond to these key needs: Capacity, Speed, Expertise, and Innovation.

Do you:

  • Need manpower?
  • Are you seeking a specific knowledge base?
  • Are your departments stretched thin, or struggling to achieve deadlines?
  • Or need a unique solution to a problem?


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…And we will be happy to demonstrate why we have been thriving since 1993! Advanced Design Concepts (ADC) look forward to collaborating with you soon, and aiding in designing your future!



Introducing our NEW WEBSITE!

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 7.51.12 PM.pngWelcome to 2016 – we hope an innovative year is already underway for you!

        We are thrilled to announce the official launch of the new Advanced Design 
Concepts (ADC) website at www.ADCINC1.com.  Our intention was to build a site 
offering ease in navigating ADC’s services while providing convenient options 
for requesting quotes.  
       2015 was a year of expansion in equipment, space and technical staff.  We 
finished a building construction project that enabled ADC to add two new CNC 
machines, a water jet cutting machine and a second FaroARM scanner/CMM. 
        We look forward to working with you on your next sketched concept to a 
manufactured product; or simply assisting you with an aspect of the product 
development process. 

The Advanced Design Concepts Team

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 4.29.51 PM“Enabling your success in engineering, design, and manufacturing since 1993!”

We’re so excited!

ADC is all about small businesses and helping our customers succeed. Recently, we’ve had the opportunity to work with another small business who is just starting out! To unite with someone as passionate and inspirational as Elisabeth Pasho of Hallare Design was incredibly exciting for us! Her story is quite incredible, and still unfolding.

Elizabeth Meeting3

Elizabeth came to us towards the end of the design process with a design she had for her new product. We helped her finalize the design and get it manufactured, but the story leading up to our cooperation is definitely worth hearing about. She’s an inspiration to independent inventors everywhere!

It all began on an airplane. Traveling frequently and taking early morning flights, she suffered from the same problem as thousands. Where do you put your coffee? If you’re trying to juggle multiple bags and multiple children, there’s not much consideration left for your delicate paper cup of joe, balance precariously between your remaining two fingers. The airplane trays get in the way, the pocket on the back of the seat crushes your cup, the ‘between-the-feet’ method is risky, plus, anytime someone needs to get out of your row, there’s an awkward scramble to gather all your things to let them by! Mrs. Pasho was fed up with this, so now, we have her sleek, practical Inflight Cup Holder! What a relief.

In the moment, Elizabeth toyed with the idea of gluing a clothespin to the back of her coffee cup sleeve. Simple, effective… for a while. Her idea quickly grew from there, and expanded onto sketches on airplane napkins, brainstorming, CAD software designs, the whole deal. She hit a few obstacles on the way, but quickly moved past them, developing her design as needed. With the support of her friends and family, she was able to connect with a few different engineers before coming to us, who helped her decide on what material to use, what type of injection molding to go with, and worked with her to develop a two-piece cup holder that would last longer. Finally, this great product made its way to us at ADC, where we helped her turn her dream into a reality!

We’re so excited to be able to work with Hallare Design to get this fantastic product off the ground, and to see her business continue to develop and flourish!

They aren’t just for coffee cups either; these genius little clips also fit other large beverage containers, including the complimentary beverage cups that are offered on flights! You can visit her website at http://www.hallaredesign.com to get yourself one of these great Inflight Cup Holders.

Introducing: 3D Print Pulse

3D Print Pulse is THE 3D printing hotspot. Featuring an impressively wide variety of topics, ranging from vat photopolymerization to stereolithography, in places like California, Miami, and even all the way to Europe, this is the epitome of rapid prototyping.

By selecting your desired ‘Topic, ‘Geography, ‘Player’, and more, you can browse through thousands of informational articles and blog posts. The front page of the newest article is featured on the homepage, with the ability to switch between articles right at the top. This site is the perfect resource for anyone interested in 3D printing!

ADC is very excited to announce that we will be featured on 3D Pulse! You can get direct access to this great site by clicking on the blue and white badge on our blog along the left side, or just to their website here: http://ow.ly/AtYYB

Keep your eyes peeled for our posts!

The S.T.E.M. event at North Shore Middle

The S.T.E.M. event at North Shore Middle School a few weeks ago was fantastic! We had a lot of interested participants, and some great designs that we scanned in! ADC’s very excited about the turnout.
We brought with us to North Shore one of our scanners, a bunch of lego rings that we had printed out in advance, and a LOT of play-doh! The kids (and adults!) got to use the play-doh to design their own lego ring attachment, or whatever else they wanted! After they finished sculpting, we scanned them in to show everyone how the process works, and had the file to distribute to the creator!

In the photo below, you can see our employee, Jim Marschalek, showing everyone how the scanning process works. We always seemed to have an interested audience!
The kids designed attachments for the lego rings using other lego pieces ( and sometimes play-doh), as shown below.
IMG_5917IMG_5919 IMG_5918
We also brought in some great 3D printed pieces to show exactly how precise and complex 3D manufacturing can be. Jim Marschalek designed an incredible replica of the Golden Snitch (from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series) and printed a few out.
IMG_5921 IMG_5920
All in all, we had a great time, and we hope our eager audience did too! We’re so glad we got this wonderful chance to share what we do at ADC with such an interested group, and hope we can come again soon!

3D Printed Leaf

It’s been awhile since we last talked about some of the 3D Printed objects that we’ve made at ADC, but we have a great new story for you all. This story should help to shed a little more light on not only the wide variety of objects that can be produced with rapid prototyping, but also the intricate details of the printed object as well.

We started with a leaf that one of our employees took from a tree in front of their home, and took a three dimensional scan of the leaf.  The scan was then imported into a software called Geomagic Studio.  Below are some photos that illustrate the process.

The original leaf that we scanned

Point cloud of the leaf

The final STL file sent from Geomagic Studio

Next, all missing data is filled in appropriately to give the leaf one constant polygonal surface. To finish our process the leaf was then turned into an IGES (Initial Graphics Exchange Specification) Surface to create a solid CAD model. Below are pictures of the final 3D Printed leaf.

Final 3D Printed leaf

Bottom of the printed leaf

Top side of the final printed leaf

When you look at the final 3D printed leaf, we can see the preciseness of the rapid prototyping process. The final product has a rough texture on the top side, a smooth bottom side, and a very flexible body (much like the original leaf!). Knowing this, it’s easy to see that 3D Printing is a very versatile technology. Let us show you how versatile our machines can be! Check out our website for more information, or contact us with your design ideas today.

Top 3 Free and Fee-Based CAD Model Websites

3D Printing is a huge focus for business at Advanced Design Concepts. In order to begin the rapid prototyping process, designers must first begin with a model of the object to be replicated. Typically, these models are scanned in three dimensions in order to provide the 3D Printing software with the information needed to make an exact replica. However, when time constraints (or the lack of a good 3D model) get in the way, designers may not be able to follow the traditional method of 3D Printing.

Thankfully, there are multiple solutions to this problem. These solutions, or websites, provide three dimensional CAD models for direct download that can be used with 3D Printing technology to produce the object that you may be missing. Simply put, these websites are, in a sense, like the iTunes store. The only difference is that instead of downloading music, videos or applications, users can download digital designs. At ADC, we have taken the time to list our favorite free and fee-based sources for CAD models.

Free CAD Model Sites

  1. Thingiverse

    Thingiverse, a website hosted by MakerBot Industries, is a place where individuals can not only download, but also share digital designs without having to pay a penny out of pocket. Thingiverse is one of the largest CAD model websites with thousands of different designs, including mechanical parts, useful tools, toys, and other knick-knacks.


  1. GrabCAD

    GrabCAD is an independent website founded by mechanical engineers. Much like Thingiverse, designers can both download and share designs. What makes it different from Thingiverse is that GrabCAD’s designs focus specifically on mechanical parts or models.


  1. Google 3D Warehouse

    This website, which is a part of Google SketchUp, hosts many free 3D CAD models for share and download as well. Designs hosted in the warehouse range from models of buildings, cars, furniture, statues, and even weapons.


Fee-Based CAD Model Sites

  1. The 3D Studio

    This website, hosted by our friends at 3D Systems, is a place where individuals can post their design files. The difference between this website and the three mentioned previously is that these files are meant to be purchased by others. This website gives designers a great channel to provide their services to others.


  2. TurboSquid

    Known as the largest library of 3D products for sale in the world, TurboSquid is another outlet for 3D professionals and digital artists to make money through sharing their ideas and content. TurboSquid also offers a few free designs as well, but its main strength is its for-profit forum.


  3. 3D Export

    Finally, 3D Export (a very similar website to TurboSquid) is an online store to buy and sell 3D models, textures, plugins, and digital prints. It is one of the largest hosts of 3D content, including models of cars and furniture, architectural designs, and many other miscellaneous categories.


So, whether you are looking to get a simple 3D design for free or looking to sell your designs online, we hope that this list of websites points you in the right direction.

On the other hand, if your project calls for a more complex or original design, ADC also provides 3D scanning and designing services to fit your personal needs. For more information on our services, you can check out ADC’s website here.

Also, if you have any questions or thoughts about these websites or the services that ADC provides, please feel free to post a comment on this blog or contact any of us at ADC. We will be more than happy to help!