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Turbo Squid

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We scanned this Sand Dollar for an online 3D Model Supplier, Turbo Squid.


Have any ideas for us to make 3D models of? Let us know.

3D Systems Adds Advanced Design Concepts to Its Network

 Full Service Engineering Design Firm Brings Complete Portfolio Of 3D Printers To Its Users 

ROCK HILL, South Carolina, February 9, 2012 — 3D Systems Corporation (NYSE:DDD), announced today the appointment of Advanced Design Concepts, ADC, a leader in full service engineering design services, as an authorized reseller. more

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The Cupcake

To give our Customers an idea of our capabilities here at ADC we decided to create a model of a Cupcake.

First off we needed to purchase a delectable looking Cupcake so our viewers would want to eat one once they saw our model. Below we have pictures of the Cupcake right out of the box.

Yummy Right!!


In order to scan the Cupcake we needed to apply a light layer of white Talc powder in order for the White Light Scanner to pick up the data.

In addition to the Talc powder, target points were added around the cupcake so that the scanner would know where to reference the next scan when the cupcake was moved on the turntable.

After ten or so scans had been taken the cupcake had been captured in a 3D point cloud on the scanner computer. The scan was then polygonized, which means that it joins the points using triangles to form a closed mesh on the skin of a shape represented by the points. After the model is polygonized it is then  imported into the post-processing software called Geomagic Studio. There all missing data is filled in appropriately to give the cupcake one constant polygonal surface. To finish our process the cupcake was then turned into an IGES (Initial Graphics Exchange Specification) Surface to create a solid CAD model of the Cupcake.

We then wanted our cupcake to stand the test of time and last forever to tell its story so it was sprayed with a coat of clear resin to perfectly preserve it, and was then placed in a plexiglass box.