We’re so excited!

ADC is all about small businesses and helping our customers succeed. Recently, we’ve had the opportunity to work with another small business who is just starting out! To unite with someone as passionate and inspirational as Elisabeth Pasho of Hallare Design was incredibly exciting for us! Her story is quite incredible, and still unfolding.

Elizabeth Meeting3

Elizabeth came to us towards the end of the design process with a design she had for her new product. We helped her finalize the design and get it manufactured, but the story leading up to our cooperation is definitely worth hearing about. She’s an inspiration to independent inventors everywhere!

It all began on an airplane. Traveling frequently and taking early morning flights, she suffered from the same problem as thousands. Where do you put your coffee? If you’re trying to juggle multiple bags and multiple children, there’s not much consideration left for your delicate paper cup of joe, balance precariously between your remaining two fingers. The airplane trays get in the way, the pocket on the back of the seat crushes your cup, the ‘between-the-feet’ method is risky, plus, anytime someone needs to get out of your row, there’s an awkward scramble to gather all your things to let them by! Mrs. Pasho was fed up with this, so now, we have her sleek, practical Inflight Cup Holder! What a relief.

In the moment, Elizabeth toyed with the idea of gluing a clothespin to the back of her coffee cup sleeve. Simple, effective… for a while. Her idea quickly grew from there, and expanded onto sketches on airplane napkins, brainstorming, CAD software designs, the whole deal. She hit a few obstacles on the way, but quickly moved past them, developing her design as needed. With the support of her friends and family, she was able to connect with a few different engineers before coming to us, who helped her decide on what material to use, what type of injection molding to go with, and worked with her to develop a two-piece cup holder that would last longer. Finally, this great product made its way to us at ADC, where we helped her turn her dream into a reality!

We’re so excited to be able to work with Hallare Design to get this fantastic product off the ground, and to see her business continue to develop and flourish!

They aren’t just for coffee cups either; these genius little clips also fit other large beverage containers, including the complimentary beverage cups that are offered on flights! You can visit her website at http://www.hallaredesign.com to get yourself one of these great Inflight Cup Holders.


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