ADC’S Open House a Success

A big thanks goes out to everyone who attended last week’s open house at our offices in Pewaukee, WI. You all helped to make it a success! We took a lot of pictures to document the event for those that didn’t get the opportunity to come, so here is a quick recap.


The welcome sign that was posted in front of our offices


Some paper lanterns what we used to decorate the offices


Spread of the food that was provided to all that attended. Yum!


Display case with 3D Printed prototypes. All of these models and parts were produced using the 3D Printing/Rapid Prototyping machines at ADC.


The prizes that were given away to those who attended the open house last Thursday. Each prize was selected through a drawing. Some of the prizes included Brewers, Packers, and ADC apparel.


One of the 3D Printing Machines (the 3DTouch from 3D System’s line of 3D Printers to be more specific) that we used to give live demonstrations. The 3DTouch printed all of the “lucky ducks” that are placed on top of the machine itself. If you look closely at the platform, it’s actually in the middle of printing one!


The most intricate 3D Printed object on display at our open house. Not only is the skeletal structure of the hand made with 3D Printing technologies, but the see through skin casing is as well. If you look closely, you can see wrinkles in the skin, and fingernails on each finger.


Another angle of the 3D Printed hand. Again, you can see the intricate details of the hand itself.


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